Emotions and Money and Sales…OH MY!!

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How is it that I am always surprised by the different sales and deals going on this time of year?!

I swear I lose my memory from all the cookies, candy and home-made food during this season. Now that I have my daughter, I can’t believe the amount of children’s toys I’ve walked past absentmindedly. I want to buy her EVERYTHING, but I can’t because I have mental breakdowns weekly about money.

We are by no means poor or losing money in any way, I’m just not making the amount I was before, so I keep catching myself not even looking at prices anymore. I used to always check prices and if anything was about $30, I would pass. Now I see something I like, I buy it, and then face my account the next day. It is insane how my mind has changed after a few years in the military. I was always guaranteed a pay check twice a month and never worried about the balance. Now I get paid once a month, getting half what I used to make and I haven’t switched my brain back to normal.

Before joining the military, I would go on shopping sprees at Thrift World, Goodwill and TLC. I was always so proud of myself for not spending alot of money while putting together outfits that worked in any weather in NE. I have been thinking lately that I want to change my wardrobe all together. I still want to keep my comfy clothes for relaxing and blogging, but I wouldn’t mind looking a little cuter when I go to Target. (Target, hit me up)

I keep having moments when I want something, and I was the person that rarely asked for anything unless I really wanted it. When I wanted to get my belly pierced, my dad made me wait 6 months and if I still wanted one, then he would take me. He did, I got it done, and now I don’t use it because baby. I never wanted to have a lot of stuff, but was jealous of somethings that others had. I didn’t want everything in their closets, but I wanted that super cute top, that flattering skirt and those “to-die-for” heels. Now, I’m having the dilemma with getting a camera.

Since I started blogging, I realize that I will have a better connection with you all if you can see me, and what I am talking about in my post. I was looking around today and found a super cute plum colored one and I really want it. The problem I’m having is it is about $260!! That to me is way too expensive for something like this, but on the other side of the coin, if this becomes profitable, then I need good quality photos. So it’s a catch 22 and I’m stuck in the middle. Of course, I asked Santa (my husband) for one for Christmas, but honestly I wouldn’t be mad if I didn’t get one, and I would love anyone that he got me if he did. He likes to bring up that when we had our first Christmas together, he bought my an Amazon Kindle Fire and I barely use it. I use it every now and then and have some games on it, but I don’t play it much because of taking care of Mo Mo.

Wow, this is super all over the place. I started an account on BlogLovin! Check it out!

To make a long story longer, I hope you all get everything you wish for, and hope that finances are never an issues.

Love ya’ll


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