Holiday Thoughts

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, everyone is really getting into the Christmas Spirit. I just don’t feel like we get it anymore. I am going to apologize now for this post, as it probably will be a rant. These are just my thoughts, views and opinions on the holidays and how we see it now, compared to our childhood.

Once Halloween is over, so many people start decorating for Thanksgiving or Christmas and start planning Black Friday. I understand that deals and saving money are the greatest things, and don’t get me wrong, if I could, I would buy everything from Target. I just don’t get why we have put so much importance on Black Friday and not on spending time with family.

Growing up, I never really knew what Black Friday was, I thought it was just to get Friday off because of Thanksgiving. We would gather at my grandma’s or my uncle’s home and just laugh, eat, play board games and live in the moment. It was never a race to leave and get my coupons ready to strong arm my way to a new TV or cell phone. We wouldn’t leave until 10 or 11, go home and sleep. When I learned about what Black Friday in its entirety, I thought it’d be fun to go one time, like a bucket list type thing. We were having Thanksgiving dinner and I heard my grandma talking about going out. I said “I wanna go!” and she asked me if I’d gone before, I said no and she told me I couldn’t go with her because I never went before. That was the first and last time I wanted to go.

I’ve gone to stores on Black Friday without realizing it, but it was always after 5:00 pm. Nothing to crazy happened, but seeing all the fights, crowds, trampling and deaths that occurred, I prayed for the families and thanked God I didn’t get hurt. It seriously just feels like Black Friday is a form of procrastination. Why not purchase items after Christmas when “the hype” dies down and keep them for next Christmas? It seems like this would be a better solution to being killed over a TV. You can buy a new TV, your family can’t buy a new YOU!

I’m sorry if I seem like a sour puss or a Grinch, but I just don’t understand Black Friday. I hope I can teach my daughter to shop if she wants to, but be safe about it. Also, making sure she understands that family is more important that any item you can buy online or in stores. Buy gifts for anyone and everyone if you can, but make sure you come home.

I know this is all over the place, but I promise I just needed to voice my opinion on the matter (even though no one asked) and be done. Always place your family higher than the material items in your home. If you have a material full home and no ones there, it’s pretty empty if you ask me. I hope you all had a safe and thankful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and enjoyed Black Friday if you participated. Happy Holodays (Simplynailogical what up?) and I will be posting here again in a few days.

Love Y’all!