Sew Cute!

This is my first post about blanket making and I made this adorable one for a close friends son. He is only a few months old and I made it so that he can grow into it!

It is made with a soft plush fabric and a Sew Lush fabric that I got from Jo Ann’s Fabrics. I love the different selections of designs as well as different types of fabrics. I like to make my blankets with material that will keep you warm no matter the temperature outside.

I have so many pictures and had to narrow down the best shots!

Of course I had to have my little one test it out!

My favorite part of this blanket is the added pom poms on the ends. I did a blanket for my mom using the same poms, but I did it all the way around, and used green and red. I don’t have many pictures of my mom’s, but I’m sure she’ll love it on Christmas morning!

I use a blanket stitch for the ones that allow it. It does cause some puckering if it’s pulled too tight, but for the most part it adds to the hand made style. If you would like me to do a demo of the stitch, let me know!

Short post today, but I hope to see y’all again soon!!