Cravings Galore!!

It happens every month…….sometimes more……..

I really can’t stop myself and I never know when it’s gonna happen……


I find myself waking up some mornings and IMMEDIATELY wanting to go to Rite Aid and get all the bad food and energy drinks I can fit in my stroller. I will eventually get there and sit in the parking lot debating if I really need to go in. I usually do and get a lot of bad foods. I try to pay attention to the carbs or get items I’ve had before, but that doesn’t always happen.

I’ll even get stuff for my husband, nothing he has asked me to get, but just things I know he likes. In my mind, it justifies me getting bad stuff because I’m not just getting goodies for myself, I’m getting them for him too. I need to stop this. I keep doing it, but I never stop. It’s not healthy and it’s not good for my Diabetes.

Sorry, this is a small post. I feel like I needed to write this out for my future self to know that I have to stop this. It’s a terrible habit to have, diabetic or not. It won’t help you get your pre-baby body back quicker if you keep getting energy drinks and candy. Chips taste good for the moment, but go bad in time. It may feel good now, but it isn’t benefiting you in any way.

Please be smarter in the future. Drink more water and do what you would want Morgan to do when she’s your age.


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