My thoughts on 2018


What a year! So many personal changes, family changes and career changes, I’m amazed I’m still functioning. Today I am going to go through the substantial things that happened in 2018.

Starting with January, my grandma passed away. I have always considered 18 to be my lucky number and I was excited about 1-18-2018 because I thought it would be my luckiest day ever. Unfortunately, 1-18-2018 was the worst day possible. I was always close to my grandma and I loved how excited she would get when she won a game of King’s Corner or got good news. I will never forget her laugh and I will always hear her voice when I say “isn’t it pretty”. I love you grandma.

In February, I was finally hooked up to my first Insulin Pump. I got the 630 Medtronic pump and immediately got a better handle of my sugars during my pregnancy. It was tricky to get used to the weekly punch of the sensor being inserted, but it was worth it to get control. This also allowed me to see that my sugars were really getting out of control with my ratios, having to constantly change them.

March gave me my first stress test and that was insane! Being able to watch my little ones heart beat on a graph made it more real that she was almost here. This was also when I was told I was having intense contractions without feeling anything. That means I was contracting for the final trimester and still had to be induced.

April was slightly uneventful as I can’t seem to remember anything major that happened other than constant stress tests and checking my sugars.

May brought finalizing plans for my mom to come to town for Morgan’s birth. It was frustrating at the time because my doctor hadn’t set a date of induction after months of telling me when it would happen. My mom may not have been able to make it if she had me wait another week or two.

June of course brought us Morgan Beverly. I will never forget the length of labor I went through for her. My husband actually crying when he held her, even though he didn’t think he would. My mom holding her while they both napped may be one of my favorite memories from the first few days.

July gave us our vow renewal filled with love, family, friends and good times all around. We had family here for a whole week and it was amazing! I’m so thankful that they were able to come not just to the renewal but to meet the newest family member. I medically retired from the United States Air Force at the end of July and have been a Stay at Home mom ever since.

August was pretty boring until the last week when we went on a 3 day trip to Portland. It was just a few hour drive and was so relaxing. We even brought our dog Scylla with us. This was also to celebrate my birthday which is on September 1st. My hubby gave me my Fitbit Versa and I have used it everyday since!

September held my birthday and lots of fun watching Morgan grow and learn about the world around her. It was also pretty uneventful as we prepared for Halloween.

In October, we went to an outdoor animal enclosure called the Northwest Trek. They were having a Halloween night time tram ride and it was really fun. Morgan slept for most of it and we didn’t want her getting cold so we kept her in the stroller until the tram when we had to take her out. We also had a Halloween party with some close friends and it was a great time. October is also when Scylla’s birthday is, and she turned 3.

November was Morgan’s first Thanksgiving. We didn’t have a big get together or anything, we just made some of our favorite foods and Skyped my family to celebrate. Again, another semi-uneventful month.

December, as we near the new year, gave us Morgan turning 6 months, her first Christmas and soon her first New Year. The past week, James, my husband, has been working over night and it has been terrible for me. I feel like we don’t see each other much when he’s scheduled for night shift. He doesn’t do well over night but tonight is his last shift and then he’s all mine for a while. I also started a business page of Facebook called “Sew Cozy” where I make and sell custom made baby blankets. Go check it out! I’ll link it HERE.

I’m so excited for what 2019 will hold for our family and hopefully, things turn out better than this year. Good and bad always go together, but if you look at everything in a positive way, it’s all good. I pray that 2019 gives you the strength to achieve something you have always wanted. I hope you are happy and healthy and safe. Always know that you didn’t come this far to quit on your dreams now. Spread love, be kind, make friends, have parties, do things that genuinely make you smile. And as my dad always says, Nappy Blue Hair! (Happy New Year!)


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