July 15th 2018

Surprisingly, I haven’t made a post about this yet! Today, I am going to take you on a journey through my wedding ceremony planning, week of and day of events. I am also adding photos but they are a little out of focus and bad quality, as I took a photo of a photo. The actual photos are amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on my wedding album.

July 15th 2018 was the day that my husband, James and I renewed our vows. We first got married on July 15th 2015 by a Justice of a Peace with just 2 witnesses. They were very close friends through work and couldn’t thank them enough for helping us out and being there for us. It was a beautiful spot that we found randomly when we went to the park that morning. James was walking around to find a shaded area and ended up finding a gazebo that was tucked away from view and had an amazing view of the lake nearby.

Once we were officially married, I started planning an actual ceremony and really wanted to have the wedding of my dreams after finding the man of my dreams. I was planning for 3 years. I never thought I’d be that woman that planned a wedding for so long but there I was, moving the date around to accommodate guest travel plans. I always dreamed of having my closest friends and family there to celebrate.

Things don’t always go as you hope.

Because I am in Washington State, with family and friends in Nebraska and further East, I knew there was a strong chance that a lot of guest would not make it. We still invited everyone we wanted to be there, so we invited around 130 guests not counting children. No matter how much you prepare for the declined RSVP’s, they still sting a little bit when it’s from the ones you haven’t seen in years.

Don’t get me wrong, I hold no ill will towards anyone that declined coming. I understand that not everyone can jump on a plane across the country and during the summer, all flights are expensive. It’s just hard to let go sometimes. The hardest response was my grandma, since she passed away, I had to mark her as declined. I cried and didn’t look at anymore RSVP’s for a few days.

The week of the wedding, I was SOOOOO stressed out that even my niece (in-law) was saying I was a Bridezilla. She understands why now but at the time, I hated that her first impression of me was yelling and arguing with people. I tried so hard to relax and the day before, I decided to take some me time and got my nails done with my mom, my bridesmaid Nina and my brother’s girlfriend Mariah. It was a last minute decision before the rehearsal dinner and we were done with plenty of time to get there. When they were finishing my nails, I missed a call. Totally relaxed, I thought it was a scam call, but they left a message so I gave it a listen.

……It was the bakery………

……I forgot about the cake……..

We only had 10 minutes until they closed, and we were 30+ minutes away. I called James in an absolute panic. He didn’t answer. I called my dad instead and he was able to find James for me to send him to get the cake. I had been repeating over and over all week that we needed to get the cake on Saturday. The day I relaxed and enjoyed some pampering was the day I needed something crucial. Thankfully, because we paid in full, they waited for James to get there before locking the doors. I am forever grateful for them calling me, let alone waiting for James to get there.

On top of all the wedding stress, I was also still recovering from giving birth to Morgan and she was a month and a half old on the big day. Everyone was passing her around all night and it was great seeing my grandparents hold her, as I wasn’t sure if they would be able to make it. As sore as I still was, with my body adjusting to “normal”, I wouldn’t change a thing about continuing to go through with our ceremony plans. Even if she was born in July, I would have still wanted to do it!

This is my favorite photo with my mom and my daughter. I will always treasure the random photos like this one!

The wedding itself was fantastic and I would do it all over again, with a few changes but nothing major. James and I always knew that we wanted to have something fun during the wedding, and as a joke, he suggested using “Best Day Ever” from SpongeBob SquarePants. I was over the moon with the idea and knew our families would love it! I did spoil the surprise for my parents on the drive to the venue because I was excited. I’m still not sure if my dad thought it was funny.

We had our ceremony at the Woodland Park Zoo Rose Garden and if you’re in Seattle, I highly recommend checking it out. It was absolutely beautiful. We opted for no additional decorations, as the roses were in full bloom. The sky was clear, the sun was shining and during the “moment of silence” for guests unable to be there, there was the faintest gust of wind. I truly believe it was grandma. I was crying my eyes out the whole time and James was beaming from ear to ear.

All in all, I loved planning my wedding so much, I’ve thought of being an Event Planner. I really enjoyed calling and getting information from the different vendors and it helped with keeping me calm during planning. For planning, I used the “The Knot” app. There were so many vendors for just about everything you need for any event. Something I did notice was that the companies with no reviews actually had the best packages and most bang for your buck. We had our tables and chairs delivered from a place in Seattle with the reception being in Spanaway (about 30-45 minute drive). The cost of the items, travel and delivery was $300 less than all the closer places. When you are organizing an event, be sure to check as many options as possible. Everyone wants to save money and have an amazing event, so do what you are comfortable with and things will always turn in your favor.

I know I didn’t but it feels like I got side tracked during this post. Everything is wedding related, but for some reason it feels a little all over the place. If you want my advice, plan it yourself if you can, but always ask for help so you are not stressing out like crazy like I was.

Happy Planning!!



  1. Ultra
    April 1, 2019 / 12:17 am

    Awesome post, best read all day.

  2. Erick Tapia
    May 15, 2019 / 12:09 am

    yo, for real. I’m glad everything turned out better than expected.