Take a Minute to Breathe

Everyday, when you wake up, take a deep breath.

Planning for the future is something that is told to us since we were kids. Adults asking what we want to be when we grow up, but we barely even know how to tie our shoes. We all say ” Doctor! Dentist! Vet! Fire Fighter!” but we don’t know the first real thing about those professions.

Now, as adults, most of us are no where near the career we shouted in class. We were told as kids to choose our future occupation and stick with it. That we couldn’t change our minds and had to plan for that future.

And then we grow up a little bit, make new friends, learn new things, and decide that we don’t want anything to do with our first choice. All those years you spent planning for a future that didn’t happen…..

But how was your friend’s birthday party?…..

When was your first kiss?……

Do you remember how hard you laughed with your friends?…..

These things may seem insignificant, but if you can’t remember, you weren’t living in the moment.

We spent so much time studying and working that now we spend our time wishing to go back and change the past. We reminisce about high school, prom, growing up with the same group of friends and in our minds, it’s the greatest time of our lives.

The future is coming, whether we want it or not. It’s not “Live like there’s no tomorrow.”, it’s “Enjoy today more than yesterday.” Don’t plan for the future that you forget today is here right now.


Hey Readers! Today’s post is short and sweet. The last 3-4 months I have been planning for my daughter’s First birthday party. And in the last 3-4 months, I didn’t realize how much she changed until I saw the photos on the wall. Looking at my baby, such a little baby, grow up in photos before my eyes. I was so focused on a future date, I was forgetting to enjoy today with her. I would get agitated with some of the things she’s been doing because I was thinking about decorations and glassware for the party. Her birthday will always be something I plan for, but I gotta take my own advice and Enjoy Today more than Yesterday.

Until next time,

Stick it out, Stick together and take everything One Stick at a Time XOXO